Fees Policy
Listing Fees:

Listing an item on Laced is completely free.

Transaction Fees:

When you make a sale on Laced, you will be charged 6% of the sale price for items sold, the lowest fees in the industry. This percentage does not include any shipping cost or tax. Transaction fees are subtracted from the deposits we make to you.

Processing Fees:

Our payment processor charges 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction. This processing fee is always paid by the buyer and does not reflect on the sellers earnings.


To maintain trust and security on our marketplace, Laced charges a flaker fee of 15% to any user who no longer wishes to complete a transaction after the auction has ended or trade has been initiated. For example: Total sale price is $100 x 15% = $15 Flaker Fee. The Flaker Fee for trades is $15.

Sellers- when Laced has successfully collected payment on your behalf from the auction winner or marketplace buyer and the seller decides to no longer complete the transaction they will be charged a Flaker Fee equal to the amount of 20% of the total sale price.


If a seller's sold item(s) does not pass Laced's authentication service and is deemed unauthentic/counterfeit, the seller's credit card will be charged for 15% of the total price sold. If the transaction amount is or below $50, there is a flat fee of $15.

An additional fee of the return shipping cost will also be charged on the seller's credit card if the seller requests to have the unauthentic item returned to them. Please note that this is only for sellers with a good selling history on Laced. Sellers with a bad history on Laced will have their items disposed of.

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